As part of our Agile Office, we provide Language Services and Product Development for the Localization industry based on the core values of Agile: Transparency, Collaboration and Rapid Response.

We also provide Agile Project Management, Agile Software Development Teams, Agile Training, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and specialist consultancy services in the areas of Innovation, New Product Development, Technology Management and R&D.


Our ethos is about flexibility and transparency. We work as a natural extension of your business with an open-door and free contact policy; you are free to liaise with any team members at will in a true spirit of openness and co-operation, think of us as an natural extension of your business. We are skilled in the art of Agile and certified in this form of delivery. Accordingly we can bring this to your business to enhance and add real value to your bottom line. All of this is backed up by our highly specialized and experienced agile office management team.


“You all made me proud today! It's thanks to results like this that Xlated's reputation shines. Thank you for making it happen!”

Giuseppe Nuzzolese, Director, Xlated Inc.


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